Is Looking For Great People!

Why Join Us?

We thought about our brokerage name and how it would best suit people that wanted to brand and market themselves. That is why it’s generic. We want you to run your business your way. 

All agents have specific needs and that’s where we want to help. Whether it’s additional training, coaching or mastermind sessions to take your business to the next level, that’s where we come in.

No Hidden Fees

We do not charge E&O, technology fees, franchise fees, etc. There’s no monthly or yearly fees of any kind.

90/10 Commission Split

After you reach the cap, then you go to 100%, paying only the admin fee.


This is provided to everyone free of charge.

Outstanding Support System

If you need help or have a quick question, you need a quick answer! There are no “office hours” for our support system.

Residual Income

You receive 10% of our commission from any agent you send us for life, as long as you hold an active license with us. This is paid out in January.

295 Broker Admin Fee

We won’t let commission splits stand in our way of obtaining the best people, if our model is not as good as yours, we will beat your current commission compensation! We choose people over money…Every. Single. Time.

What Do We Ask of You?

We are looking for people with common sense and who are business driven. We want to foster a culture of like-minded individuals who can act as a part of a large team on top of being their own individual business. We WANT you to build your brand.

So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it about time you thought you about the future of your business? The right time is always right now.

If You Would Like To Know More

Please call either Jackie or Tim, any time day or night! We’ll keep all calls confidential.

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